Interact SMKSS



Organizer        : The Interact Club of SMK Sultan Sulaiman
Date                : 22 April 2009
Venue              : School Hall
Speaker           : Mr. Long Ting Piao

·         1:10p.m.     - Interactors and students of Form 3 till Form 5 were asked to enter the hall.

·         1:30p.m.     - Mr. Long Ting Piao and returnee Eric arrived at the school hall.

                        - Greeted by Mdm. Wan Ah Chooi and Mr. Yusri, the school counsellor.

·         1:35p.m.     - The Master of Ceremony (MC) gave a brief introduction on the talk and its objectives.

                        - The MC gave a brief introduction of the speaker, Mr. Long and returnee Eric.

·         1:40p.m.     - Mr. Long started the talk by introducing himself.

                        - Mr. Long talked on  - history and founding of AFS – American Field Service.
                                                       - AFS Intercultural Program
                                                       - benefits
                                                       - types of programs offered
                                                       - countries available
                                                       - duration of programs
                                                       - cost
                                                       - scholarships offered

·          2:10p.m.    - Eric shared his experience going to Japan on an Intensive Program for 2 weeks.

                        - Students were given chances to ask questions.

·         2:35p.m.     - Mr. Long explained the prospectus of the cost.

·         2:45p.m.     - Mr. Long ended his talk.

                        - Circulars on AFS Intercultural Program were given out.

                        - The MC invited Mr. Mohan Raj to give souvenir to Mr. Long.

                        - Mr. Mohan Raj accompanied Mr. Long and Eric to the canteen for some refreshments.

·          2:50p.m.    - All students were dismissed.

Prepared by,

    Daniel Tan

The Secretary,
Interact Club,
SMK Sultan Sulaiman.