Interact SMKSS

CHWS Interact I.U. Camp

Date: 17 & 18 April 2009
Venue: Gem Beach Resort, Batu Rakit
Fee: RM100
Time: 7.00am(17 April 2009) till 2.00pm(18 April 2009)
Transport: Our Own School Bus
Room: 4 person/room
Activity: - Telematch
             - I.U night 

Country: Taiwan & Brazil



Organizer        : The Interact Club of SMK Chung Hwa Wei Sin
Date                : 17-18 April 2009
Venue             : Gem Beach Resort
Members         : 24

17th April

           8:45a.m.     - Interactors of SMK Sultan Sulaiman departed from school.
           9:45a.m.     - Arrived at Gem Beach Resort.  

                       - Welcomed warmly by Interactors of SMK Chung Hwa Wei Sin.

                       - Interactors of both schools were grouped into 8 groups.

        10:00a.m.   - Speech by President Yeo Zhi Ming of Interact Club of SMKSS.

                       - Speech by President Ivene Toh of Interact Club of SMKCHWS.

                       - Speech by Mdm. Irham Hameeda, teacher advisor of Interact Club of SMKCHWS.

                       - Camp Commandant, Director Hee Jee Yen briefed Interactors on rules and regulations that are
                         to be followed

          10:30a.m.    - Every group practiced their slogans.
          10:45a.m.    - Presentation of slogans from each group.

         11:00a.m.    - Ice breaking (game), whoever guessed correctly the full name of the person behind the blindare to
                          blow flour towards opponent's face
         12:30a.m.    - Lunch.

          1:30p.m.     - Interactors gathered in the hall.

                        - Briefing on outdoor activity/game (Pirates of the Caribbean),

                        - Each team was given an umbrella, to protect team members from pirates and some gold
coins to buy broken eggs and to exchange for a prisoner captured by pirates.

                        - Members were given eggs, which must be kept till the end of the game without breaking it.

                        - There were altogether 5 stations and tasks to be completed.

                        - Whichever team finishes first wins the game.

           2:00p.m.     - Game started.

                        - Each team was required to find hidden clues based on photo given.

                        - Members were asked to complete the tasks given to receive the next clue.

           5:15p.m.     - Game ended.

                        - Gathered back in the hall.

                        - Interactors were given room keys.
              5:45p.m.    - Interactors were allowed to return to their respective rooms to rest and bathe or go for a swim.
              7:00p.m.    - Dinner.

              8:00p.m.    - Interactors gathered in the hall for the main event – I/U Night.

                        - Team Taiwan and Brazil both from SMKSS were given the honour to perform first.

                        - Performance followed by team Japan, England, Austria, Holland, Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand
                          and lastly Italy.

                        - Mr. Lau, Rotarian of Kuala Terengganu, Mdm. Irham and Mdm. Noryani, Teacher Advisors of Interact
Club of SMKCHWS, Mdm. Wan Ah Chooi, Teacher Advisor of Interact Club of SMKSS and
                         an ex-Interactor of SMKCHWS were the judges for the I/U Night drama performances.

           10:40p.m.   - I/U Night ended.

                        - Interactors had their supper.

          11:00p.m.   - Interactors gathered again in the hall for the results from the judges.

                        - Team Mexico turned out to be the winner and team South Africa the runner up.

          11:15p.m.   - Indoor game (London Bridge).

                        - Interactors were asked to find a partner, join hands, form a circle in the hall and run along a
                         "tunnel of hands” when one’s shoulder is touched.

           11:45p.m.   - Interactors went back to their respective rooms.


18th April

             6:30a.m.   - Wake up call.
             7:00a.m.   - Breakfast.
             8:00a.m.   - Interactors gathered in the hall.

                      - Went to the beach.

                      - Briefing on “Sandcastle Competition"

                      - Competition started.
              9:10a.m.  - Organizing committee inspected sandcastle of every team.

                      - Competition ended.

            9:20a.m.  - Interactors were allowed to return to their rooms to bathe and to pack their belongings.
           11:00a.m.  - Interactors gathered in the hall for a talk by Mdm. Lucy and Mr. Long on AFS InterculturalProgramme.

                      - Three AFS students namely Rick and Maria from Germany and Julia from Switzerland and
                       another returnee shared their experience going on the programme. 

          12:30p.m.  - Each team leader talked on the sandcastle that had been built earlier.

               1:00p.m.  - Speech by President Ivene Toh.

                      - Speech by Camp Commandant, Director Hee Jee Yen.

                      - Speech by Mdm. Wan Ah Chooi.

                      - Speech by Mdm. Irham Hameeda.

                      - Closing speech by Mr. Seah Kwee Siang, Principal of SMKCHWS.

               1:30p.m.  - Prize giving ceremony.

               2:00p.m.  - Photography session.

               2:05p.m. - Departed from Gem Beach Resort back to school.

Prepared by,
Daniel Tan

The Secretary,
Interact Club,
SMK Sultan Sulaiman.