Interact SMKSS

Mighty Minds Terengganu State Challenge 2009

Date                : 27 June 2009
Venue             : Terengganu Trade Centre

             The Terengganu RHB-The Star Mighty Minds state challenge was held on the 27th of June 2009 at The Terengganu Trade Centre. The challenge tested participants on science, mathematics and general knowledge.

            Our President, Yeo Zhi Ming as well as our Secretary, Daniel Tan Kuan Chiang with another friend of theirs, William joined this challenge in the second category for fourth and fifth formers, representing the school and our club indirectly. After witnessing a mixture of excitement, jubilation, nail-biting moments and enthusiasm, their team finally emerged as the winner for the Upper Secondary category.

            Flanked by their Physics teacher, Mr. Tan Teck Siong, Zhi Ming as the group leader, attributed their success to teamwork and dedication. According to Zhi Ming, they were glad to be able to make it to the national level, though the hands-on challenge which required them to construct a model of manually operated two-way pulley system was quite tough in limited amount of time.

            Zhi Ming also added that having two Interactors in the team did help their team to win the challenge as being Interactors, they had learnt and applied the fifth goal of Interact - to emphasize acceptance of individual responsibility as the basis of personal success, community improvement, and group achievement.


Prepared by,

Daniel Tan

The Secretary,
Interact Club,
SMK Sultan Sulaiman.